How To Find the Best Toaster: The Definitive Guide

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Mornings are better when you enjoy a cup of coffee paired with a good toast or any sandwich like croissants, bagels and muffins. It sets their mood for a long day at school or work. That’s why people invest in coffee makers and a good toaster. You should not feel left out and get yourself the best toaster available to fully enjoy your bread even when you have to talk your first meal while running to your destination.But how to choose a good, reliable and a toaster that is not just full of hype? And read on...

Best Buy Toaster - Quick Guide

Breville BTA830XL - Best of the Best!

Cuisinart CPT122 - Big Bang for your Buck!

 Cuisinart CPT440 - Best Value!

Toaster Types

These days we’re all able to keep ourselves well fed due to the convenience of different types of bread machines/toasters. These items weren’t always so easy to use nor were they top notch, but all of that has changed now. You have 2 slice toasters, 4 slice toasters and even different specialty toasters such as hot dog makers/egg makers designed to help you get food at your convenience. Here’s a brief description of the three main categories of toaster.

  • Pop up toasters
  • Conveyor toasters
  • Toaster Ovens

2 slice and 4 slice options fall into this category. These are made to be automatic. You put slices in vertically and wait for the bread to get hated. There’s a lever on the sides of these to make it easy to use. Once your bread has finished toasting, then the machine turns off and your bread pops up ready to eat.

My 3 Top Picks - Updated Dec. 2018

2 Slice Toaster & 3 Options For Potential Purchasers

The reason why 2 slice toasters are so popular is because their able to perform for you in expert fashion. Not only this, but you’ll find that they look petty good in your kitchen. You get these main perks with this option:

• Wide slots to put bread in

• Easy to use buttons and handles

• The ability to toast bagels, English muffins and other breads

• Consistent results each time you use it

If you think the 2 slice is the best option for you, then here are three good options you can use. Compare these and see which one you think you’d like best.

Cuisinart CPT-122


  • Has wide slots
  • High lift carriage
  • Can make thick bagel halves or thin slices of bread
  • Saves space whether you place it sideways or facing forward
  • Custom controls that allow for even and precise toasting each time

Breville BTA630XL


  • Housing is very sleek and modern
  • Bagel setting allows for toasting only on the inside where you want it
  • Powerful motorized technology built in
  • Mechanized lowering,which makes for easier handling
  • Slots are extra long and wide,which allows you to make artisanal breads, bagels and other breads

Breville BTA820XL


  • Functions such as defrost and reheat
  • Toaster beeps when process is complete.
  • Ability to cancel browning cycle anytime you get ready.
  • LED panel that lets you see information you need to see.2 large slots that you can fit waffles, bagels or toast into.
  • Material is brushed die cast metal, which can be cleaned easily
  • .Internal smart chip that lowers bread down to taste by means of a single touch. It also controls toasting time.

The main reason you should choose a 2 slice toaster is because it’s one of the most basic options out there and it couldn’t be easier to use. A 2 slice toaster allows for you to make just enough toast for yourself or someone else without having to overdo it.

You’ll also find that these are low cost for the most part. Even the well known names we’ve mentioned above don’t cost all that much to get. You’ll be happy using any one of these for your basic toasting needs.

4 Slice Toaster & 3 Options For Potential Buyers

4 slice toasters are good because they usually have very wide slots. You’ll easily be able to make bagels and other types of thick breads in one of these. These provide you with evenly toasted breads and there’s usually plenty of smart buttons on them in order to help you use them better. 4slice toasters are made to be aesthetically pleasing, durable as well as simple to use. If you feel this category is the option for you, then here’s 3 good choices you might want to consider.

Oster Tssttrwf4s


  • Defront function, best used for bagels
  • Toast shade setting enable light or dark toasting
  • Toast lift elevates bread so you can get it easily
  • Crumb tray can be easily removed and easily cleaned
  • Extra wide slots in order to accommodate different types of bread
  • Bread guides that enable adjusting for the thickness of bread in order to ensure even toasting

KitchenAid KMT423CU


  • Good durability
  • Attractive metal housing which makes it look nice on a kitchen counter
  • Digital progress bar counts down time so you can know when toast is ready
  • LCD display has a memory for previous shadings so you don’t have to adjust frequently

Breville BTA830XL


  • Lift and look toasting carriage
  • Die cast toaster, durable and nice looking
  • One touch “a bit more” feature enables you to add more time to the toasting cycle
  • Motorized carriage with push button controls have both a bagel setting and a frozen setting

The main reason for you to choose a 4slice toaster is because it gives you the option of making different types of bread quickly. A 2 slicer is going to cost you more when it comes to time. A 4 slicer makes it easier for you to get what you want much faster.

For people who have a lot of people to feed in the morning they’ll appreciate this. You get more convenience with one of these and you’ll have an easier time mixing up the types of breads you want.

Special Toasters & 3 Options For Potential Buyers

Special toasters are just that, special. With these you can make different types of breads and different types of foods. One of the best examples would be the hot dog toaster. Then you have the hot sandwich maker and the egg muffin toaster. All of these are pretty good and you can make some pretty awesome breakfast sandwiches with them or other tasty sandwiches. These are very inexpensive and even fun to use. No household should be without one. Here three different types you might want to consider.

Nostalgia Electrics HDT600

Hot Dog Toaster

  • A hot dog maker enables you to cook hot dogs as well as the buns without you having to make use of a stove or a microwave. It’s about the same size as a regular toaster is. Some models enable you to change the cooking times while others don’t. Hot dog toasters are typically easy to clean and have trays that can be removed.

Hamilton beach 25490

​Sandwich Maker

  • A sandwich maker is perfect for someone who likes to eat hot, prepared sandwiches. You can use one of these to make the type of sandwiches you could typically only get at a restaurant. You can make grilled cheese for example or hot ham and cheese. You can use special breads and recipes if you want with these.

Back to Basics TEM500


  • With this toaster you can make bagels, bread and even English muffins. There’s a built in side cooker on these mostly that allows you to poach eggs to add to your breads. You can also use it for defrosting or reheating certain meats. There’s wide slots on this toaster in order to put in thicker pieces of bread. Cleaning is usually easy as well.

Having one of these special toasters is more fun than anything. If you’re the type of person that values convenience, then you’ll love one of these mentioned above. You can make hot dogs perfectly, the way their supposed to taste. You can make hot sandwiches. You can make breakfast sandwiches and stop spending all your money in the morning at trendy places.

These special toasters are all about saving you money and saving you time. Plus they’ll look pretty good on any kitchen counter for sure. You can find these by different brand names and with different features on them.ste.

What to look for when choosing the best toaster ?

Like buying other kitchen and home appliances, you have to know the guidelines in looking for the best toaster. After all, you are spending your own money so it should be put to a good investment. Some of the things you have to look out for when buying a toaster include the capacity, the finish or materials used, size, and the special features.

  • The capacity
  • The size
  • The special feature
  • Materials
  • Safety
  • Price

If you have a bigger countertop, then the size of the toaster won’t matter because you have more space. However, for smaller countertops or small kitchen space, you should gauge whether the toaster you want to buy will fit in your countertop. The more slots the toaster provides, it eats up more space in your kitchen. Aside from the size alone, also look at the panels and where it is located. Maybe the panels will hinder the accessibility from your kitchen space. It is best to measure the available space from your kitchen and measure the size of the toaster you want to buy.

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