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| October 1, 2014

my own toaster buying guide

You woke early in the morning after a good night’s sleep, trying to start the day right, and everything was going smoothly according to your perception. You are caught in the rush and out of hype you put your only bread left for breakfast on your amazing and best toaster ever made, or so you thought. As you are about to partake the most important meal of the day, your bread that was toasted did not pop up. That’s it, you’re day was ruined!

Let me give you another good example of how a toaster can shatter your dream of having an amazing day ahead. Imagine yourself caught in a dilemma of making up your mind whether to eat your bread or not. Why can’t you decide? It’s because one side was burnt and the other was pale as a dead man’s skin!  Would you risk your appetite for that not-so-sure-about-it bread? I bet you not!

You can still avoid that kind of charred mess. Yes, you can still do that! You don’t have to fret over your burnt bread anymore, for you are about to locate the best toaster in the world. All you have to do is recognize the features and attributes that a good toaster possesses. So, how would you do that? I think that the best thing to do is to acquire that knowledge from my toaster review.

Here is the useful toaster buying guide that I’ve summarized from toaster reviews and it will surely aid for you to buy toaster.

Tip #1: The Toaster Should Render an Even Toasting

I put this as the most significant characteristic that you should look for since this attribute will surely lighten up your day. With even toasting, you don’t have to bother to repeat the toasting process and that would certainly save you your time, effort, and of course, your bill.

Tip #2: There Must Be a Proper Insulation at the Exterior

Tell me whose day will not be ruined if your fingers were burned? Believe me; other toasters out there are extremely hot when you accidentally touch the toaster. Your toaster’s exterior should not be hot for accidents will likely to happen, especially if you are in a hurry. Due to the insulation, the toaster will be cool to touch.

Tip #3: The Power Cord Should Have Enough Length

Maybe you want to move your toaster for the reason of accessibility? I’m sure a toaster with enough length will be beneficial to you.

Tip #4: The Tray for the Crumbs Should Be at the Front

Who would want a tray at the back where it is very difficult to pull? For ease of cleaning, the tray located on the side is satisfactory, but if in front, the better.

Tip #5: The Slots Are Wide and Long

This is very handy if you eat toasted bread a lot. This feature will save you time from trimming and cutting the edges of your bread.

The next time you look for toasters, remember my own toaster buying guide. Happy shopping!




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