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| September 19, 2015

All of us have favorite stuff when it comes to food. If you are just like me who loves hot slices of bread for breakfast over coffee or just for snack, it is important that we really know the kitchen aid that we need. Thanks to technology that invented the toaster, though as we all know it varies in shape, sizes, types and features.

Before buying such take in to consideration all the features and its parts and it is also advisable that you will do a lot of research about KitchenAid Toaster Review. Here is my Kitchenaid 4 slice toaster review that will surely help you because in my opinion Kitchenaid 4 slice toaster is one of the best toasters.

KitchenAid KMT423CU 4-Slice Toaster with One-Touch Lift/Lower and Digital Display - Contour Silver

KitchenAid KMT423CU 4-Slice Toaster with One-Touch Lift/Lower and Digital Display – Contour Silver

Safety features

One of the best feature that consumers or user want is its safety features in this KitchenAid Toaster Review. Most likely we want to do multi – tasking since we live in a busy world thus we are doing things at the same time. This safety features will automatically switch – off when it already achieve the desired toasting time to avoid unnecessary movement and burning. Good thing Kitchenaid 4 slice toaster has this features just for you which is one of the best 4 slice toaster that you can ever have .


As we live in this very techi – generation, it is important that the things we are using has digital features like what you can find here a KitchenAid Toaster Review. This feature function to generates and process data like the on – off button for easy use and management. You’re lucky that the best toaster review can be seen here.  Moreover, it is important that your toaster has this essential feature to make your activity more easy and hassle free.  This will give you the best toasted bread that is just right for you.

Customer reviews on Amazon – “Digital and makes toast perfect. It is all automatic with push button for defrost, bagel, keep warm, and adjustable dial for light or dark toast. This is a high quality…” Read More…

Features and Specification

  • Made from steel which make it durable that enable you to use it for longer time.
  • Built with a four slice slots that will let you have 4 slices of bread at the same time.
  • Measures 423 cu that is just the right size to fit all kitchen type.
  • Weighs 9.6 pounds which is very convenient to carry anywhere.
  • Featuring LCD displays that will help you determine if your bread is ready to eat.
  • Has “push down” and “coming up” features which make it user friendly.
  • Readily available in Cocoa Silver colors which appear more presentable.

Customers Review and Scores

Each product offers a space for customers’ comments and score through which manufacturers can identify and determine whether their product catches customers’ interest. Feedback is important to them to know and identify if it is effective or not. As for now, this product has 319 customers’ reviews and got 4.4 star out of 5 which is really good and also got the highest grossing product from kitchen and dining category which is a proof that it is well loved by customers.

Consequently, there are pros and cons. Complaints includes about the tray, causing short circuit, the sound and it takes longer than most. Though most customers find this product useful, appealing, very pleased with its features, no complaints at all and would even like to recommend it just like what I wanted to do – since this Kitchenaid 4 Slice Toaster is the best that you can get that has the best toaster review.

Click here to get it: KitchenAid KMT423CU 4-Slice Toaster with One-Touch Lift/Lower and Digital Display – Contour Silver.

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