Best Extra-Wide Slot Toaster – Dualit 2-Slice Toaster

| September 19, 2015

From first glance, the Dualit 2-slice toaster embodies the simplicity and sophistication toaster that Dualit is renowned for. It has an unmatched reputation for quality – and in this Dualit toaster review, you will find out exactly why it is regarded as the best 2 slice toaster on the market by some, and what makes it so different from the other toasters that are out there.

What Makes the Dualit 2-Slice Toaster Special?

Considering its price point, it is safe to say that the Dualit toaster should be a class apart in most areas – and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. It features a chrome finish that gives it a heavy-duty and commercial feel, and wouldn’t at all seem out of place in a restaurant or hotel kitchen. In many ways it resembles a retro toaster in terms of style, and even has a hint of decadence to it.

Looking past its appearances however, the reason why the Dualit 2-slice toaster is so prized is its singular ability to produce spectacularly even toast using its very own patented ProHeat elements. These elements allow it to not only produce superbly toasted bread, but are also more efficient and able to last longer than the heating elements in other toasters – which is why these toasters have a reputation for lasting for years on end.

Unlike most other modern toasters, the Dualit 2-slice toaster does not automatically eject toast. In fact, very little about this toaster is automatic and it relies on a manual high-lift ejector so that the toast is kept warm until you’re ready to extract it. While some may find this inconvenient, the logic behind it is simple: If you’re using the best 2 slice toaster out there, you should want your toast to be perfect.


  • Unparalleled even browning of toast with the ProHeat system
  • High quality manufacture that is solid, sturdy, and built to last
  • Stylish retro toaster looks that are classy and timeless
  • Crumbs tray for convenient cleaning
  • Manually operated high-lift ejector with a switch to control the number of toasts and duration timer
  • Wide 28mm slots designed to work with the Dualit sandwich cage


  • Lack of automatic options may be inconvenient for some
  • Expensive price point


To put it simply: The Dualit 2-slice toaster is designed for true toast aficionados who want the best toast possible that is evenly browned and an absolute delight to eat. It may be a touch more expensive than most other toasters out there, but it is going to be money well spent considering its capabilities are unrivaled. As you can see from this Dualit toaster review, its only real downsides are its price and the lack of automatic options – both of which will scarcely matter if it is top notch toast that you’re after. The results, reputation and the simplicity and sophistication toaster design speak for itself, and it is really going to be money well spent.


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