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Hello everyone! You are all welcome to my best toaster reviews blog. My name is Lauren. The whole intention of this blog is to share my experience on how to find the best toaster available. I am also here to help you distinguish the best toaster from the bad ones. This blog is solely devoted in trying to make your mornings lively as possible.

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I had this special fondness about toasters since I was a child. I can still remember when my mother would wake me up early in the morning and would serve me the most delicious toasted bread that I have tasted in my life. It seems that my childhood mornings revolved in those times when my mother served me breakfast before she’s off to work.

As I grow up, I had this tendency to look at the kitchen where I would clearly picture out our old red toaster that contrasted well with the white motif of our kitchen. That toaster was old, but it doesn’t lose its functionality and style. In fact, it is one of my collections of different toaster pieces. I am fond of buying and collecting toasters of different styles and functions.

welcome to my best toaster reviews blog

welcome to my best toaster reviews blog

Together with this hobby of collecting, I had developed this skill that will really scrutinize what the best toaster possesses. Through years of experience with toasters, I can now say that I have the knowledge about toasters that are worth sharing. I wanted to impart this knowledge and skill to you. This is the reason behind why this blog exists, after all. I wanted you to feel the way I feel about toasters for it is astounding, truth to be told.

I will not say that all the toasters that I have encountered were the best. I have committed mistakes from the past also that became part of the lessons that will add to my toaster experiences. I have encountered one toaster that really broke my day, even if it is still early in the morning. That toaster was a joke for it burnt the other side while the other was not even heated. In this blog, you will be familiar with the best toaster brands that exist through the years.

welcome to my blog

I would say that in my personal opinion, Breville Toaster is the best brand in the market. Breville toasters have come in an array of design, but the fundamental standard in the designs is that it will unquestionably make toasting effortless and more comfortable. With handy functions and amazing features, Breville toasters will truly add sparkle and charm in your kitchen.

If I will be asked what is suited for you, a 2 slice toaster or a 4 slice toaster, I would say that it depends on your preference. If you wanted to serve two persons at a time, a four slice toaster is best for you. If you lack space in your kitchen, a 2 slice toaster is more appropriate. Whatever is your choice, just be sure that these are the best. Do not compromise your happiness with the price of a toaster for it really is not worth it. For more information about toasters, continue to be with this blog.